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SHOCK and SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES want to give you the gift of Pinhead!

This news item! YOU opened it! WE came…to give you the chance to win the coolest HELLRAISER collectible! EVER!

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Capturing Doug Bradley’s unforgettable performance as the cult horror icon, Sideshow’s artists have summoned the sadistic leader of the Cenobites with delightfully chilling realism. Cold arrogance etched across his pale and mutilated visage, Pinhead is a gruesome portrait of eternal pain, in an authentically tailored replica of his striking black costume, complete with gory hooks and piercings. Ready to raise hell, the Angel of Suffering taunts his victims with Lemarchand’s puzzle box in one outstretched hand; while a disturbing inventory of bladed torture devices hang at his waist, waiting to tear their souls apart.

An incomparable tribute to one of the most frightening nightmares in film history, the Pinhead Premium Format™ Figure is every horror collector’s dream come true.

Try your luck!

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