Creepy New CONJURING 2 Trailer Sounds Like Herzog!



New THE CONJURING 2 trailer is an eerie watch.

Premiering today at WonderCon, the new trailer for James Wan’s hotly anticipated Warren-fied sequel THE CONJURING 2 is a creepy, atmospheric melange of exposition, mystery and supernatural shivers.

And it also appears to be borrowing some of late composer Florian Fricke’s (aka Popol Vuh) music from beloved German New Wave director Werner Herzog’s immortal 1979 remake NOSFERATU: THE VAMPYRE.

When you hit the 29 second mark, the chanting begins.

This writer knows that soundtrack intimately. And it sure sounds like the same cue. Presumably, the music was only employed for the trailer but either way, I think it’s wonderful to consider that Popol Vuh’s sonic soul will be potentially introduced to a new generation of fright fans.

If I’m wrong then THE CONJURING 2 composer (and aural genius) Joseph Bishara has more than just tipped his hat to that magnificent passage of music…

Anyway, it’s an eerie trailer. Have a watch.

(PS – THE CONJURING 2 releases wide on June 10th and you can read our exclusive set visit report here).