Weinstein Co. to Release Eli Roth’s CLOWN this Summer


Clown Eli Roth


Good news for Eli Roth fans!

DEADLINE reported this morning that The Weinstein Co. will let-loose the long-on-the-shelf John Watts directed, Roth produced horror film CLOWN in the U.S. on June 17th in a limited theatrical/On Demand release. The film already enjoyed a brief theatrical run in parts of Europe (and can be easily found on DVD from some markets) and the poster above was actually banned in Italy!

CLOWN sees actor Andy Powers putting on a clown suit for his son’s birthday and then, inexplicably, he cannot take it off. Slowly and surely the evil suit begins to act like a parasite and turns its host into a very unfunny funnyman.

More on the film as the Weinstein lads/Dimension give it to us…