RIP: DARK SHADOWS Actor Humbert Allen Astredo



DARK SHADOWS legend passes at 86.

Sad news coming down the pike today for fans of Dan Curtis‘ beloved cult 1960s horror soap opera DARK SHADOWS as it was announced that veteran actor Humbert Allen Astredo had passed away on February 19th at the age of 86 after a lengthy battle with various health issues.

Astredo played malevolent warlock Nicholas Blair in DARK SHADOWS but, as was the way with DS, he also played other characters in various timelines, including Evan Hanley and Charles Dawson. Astredo also made a welcome appearance as Dr. Forbes in Curtis’ first DS feature film, 1970’s brilliant and still spooky HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS.
Outside of his work in DARK SHADOWS, Astredo was also a regular in many, far less horrific TV serials like THE EDGE OF NIGHT, THE GUIDING LIGHT and ANOTHER WORLD.
He was predeceased by his daughter Jenny, who passed from breast cancer in 2008.
SHOCK sends our warmest regards to his friends and family and the myriad passionate DARK SHADOWS fans worldwide.



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