Brian DePalma’s RAISING CAIN Coming to Blu-ray



Underrated De Palma thriller coming to Blu-ray.

Scream Factory revealed today that they’ve gotten their digital claws on one of master stylist Brian De Palma’s deranged 1992 John Lithgow psychodrama RAISING CAIN and plan to release a deluxe Collector’s Edition Blu-ray on June 28th.

Extras will be announced sometime in Late April. The newly-designed front-facing artwork you see here is final (not pictured is the reverse wrap image which will showcase the original theatrical poster art.)

Early pre-order now directly here and receive a free 18″ x 24″ poster of the new art (while supplies last) plus early shipping!

Have you seen RAISING CAIN?

We’ve always dug it.

It’s De Palma not only quoting and sending up his idol, Alfred Hitchcock, but also cannibalizing his own motifs and style tropes. And Lithgow is a demented pleasure to behold.

Here’s the original trailer: