Classic soundtrack comes to CD and Digital for the first time.

Recently, this writer dug up his DVD copy of Wes Craven’s lively 1982 DC comics monster mash SWAMP THING to show my three kids. The lads loved the movie (I always have thrilled to its campy, melancholy charms) but what was really interesting was when my 8 year old commented on how much he liked the music.

I had forgotten that FRIDAY THE 13th and HOUSE legend Harry Manfredini had composed the music for SWAMP THING. And indeed, it is a fantastic work, filled with the Jerry Goldsmith-influenced, quasi-experimental strings vs. horns vs. strange sounds style that has made Manfredini a household horror name.

It’s a classic landscape of sound that, sadly, has never been available since its vinyl release in 1982.

Until now.

SHOCK just got word that iconic soundtrack label Varèse Sarabande will be releasing Manfredini’s SWAMP THING score on CD and digital later this year.

Born in Chicago, Harry Manfredini spent most of his life in music. While living in the Midwest, he worked as an arranger and performer. He also earned a Bachelor of Music degree from DePaul University and a Master of Arts degree from Western Illinois University, where he subsequently taught theory, orchestration, and conducting. Harry moved to New York to pursue his doctorate at Columbia University. Upon completion of his doctoral courses, the opportunity arose for him to further his longtime dream of a career in film music.  The years of classical training and the twenty years in the popular music scene (he plays great sax) combined with a good sense of drama to make him a natural in film music.
Manfredini has scored over one hundred films.
And SWAMP THING is rich collection of cues, stings and themes that is worth rediscovery.
For more information on the release go HERE.


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