Happy Birthday to George A. Romero!



SHOCK wants to wish a warm, reverent Happy Birthday to the Orson Welles of horror, Mr. George A. Romero.

If you’re reading this site, chances are you don’t need any sort of education in regards to maverick writer/director/ producer George A. Romero‘s mark on film history. So we’ll just simply state the facts: without George A. Romero, we would not have had the birth and swell of the strong, violent, cerebral American independent horror film, nor would the marginal movie monster that is the “zombie” be now so deeply ingrained in international popular culture.

Kind, gentle, intelligent and passionate about his craft, we salute the visionary George A. Romero. May he endure for many, many more years and give us many more sophisticated, eccentric genre films that push boundaries and envelopes.

Below, have a look at a gallery of some of Romero’s most iconic works.

Here’s to you, Uncle George!

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