Exclusive Clip: Tristan Risk Shoots and Shakes in FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS




Check out this fun behind the scenes clip from the upcoming FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS!

Contemporary exploitation film guru James Anthony Bickert (DEAR GOD, NO!) is getting ready to unleash his latest film, the supersonic DEAR GOD, NO! sequel/companion film FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS, a sex, violence, sleaze and sass-soaked shocker that runs 2 ½ hours long and was shot in Cinemascope on Super 35mm Kodak film over the course of 30 days in 10 cities with a cast of 70 actors!

Bickert does NOT fuck around when it comes to making mad movies that matter!

Here’s the official FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS synopsis:

A resurrected outlaw biker finds himself addicted to the substance that brought him back from the grave. In order to get his daily fix, his gang is forced to do the bidding of two sadistic scientists attempting to capture a biological mutation and perform a human head transplant on kidnapped teenagers. When his disgruntled ex-girlfriend is released from prison, she embarks on an explosive manhunt for her former lover and his strung-out pack of degenerates. With three dysfunctional bounty hunters, a rival motorcycle gang and an army of machine-gun toting strippers, it becomes a race against law-enforcement for bragging rights to the gang leader’s demise. The film stars Jett Bryant (DEAR GOD NO!), Laurence R. Harvey (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 &3), Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY) and Ellie Church (MANIA). 

While Jimmy slaves away in post production on his blood-spattered baby, he has kindly sent us a quickie behind the scenes clip of our friend and FCB co-star Tristan Risk learning to fire a real deal machine gun.

Sez Jimmy:

“The video was shot my hilarious sound-man Joey Meyerhoff with his cell phone when our armorer was teaching her to fire a fully automatic M-16. Attached is a shot of Tristan, from that scene, straight from the 35mm negative.”


Here’s the clip…complete with bullets flying and slow-mo-shakin’ going on:

For more on the film visit the Big World Pictures website.