Alice Cooper’s Awesomely Awful MONSTER DOG Coming to Blu-ray!




Alice Cooper’s best/worst movie coming to Blu-ray.

If you thought Italian genre movie machine Claudio Fragasso’s TROLL 2 was a laff riot, wait until you see his deranged 1984 flick MONSTER DOG!

Though if you’re a horror fan of a certain vintage, chances are you have seen MONSTER DOG (aka LEVIATAN).

The movie was a video store staple in the 1980’s, trying to grab its audience as it did with garish box are and the promise of seeing shock-rock pioneer Alice Cooper in a starring role.

And if you rented it then, chances are you’re still recovering from the experience.

The film stars Cooper, who at this point was trying to re-invent himself and stay relevant, as a rocker named Vince Raven who runs afoul of a massive, toothy demonic hound (and a lot of smaller, less demonic mutts) that hampers his attempts to film his latest music video.

Cooper warbles the tracks “See Me in the Mirror” and “Identity Crisis” but these middling tracks do little to make MONSTER DOG decent.

In fact, with its outrageously bad FX, wooden acting and attempts at MTV-styled super-saturation, the film is hypnotically awful.

Which means we love it.


Kino Lorber will do their part to make MONSTER DOG look prettier than its ever looked when they release the film on Blu-ray and DVD on March 15th.

The disc includes a single special feature, a doc on the making of MONSTER DOG called “Lord of the Dogs”.

Definitely a curio for Cooper fans, MONSTER DOG is a must for fans of films that refuse to behave.