JAWS With a Mortgage: Indie Flick HOUSE SHARK Prepares to Attack!



Indie filmmaker brings JAWS home-literally-with HOUSE SHARK!

Veteran indie horror and exploitation slinger Ron Bonk,(THE VICIOUS SWEET, MS. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST) contacted us today to alert us to his latest opus, a blend of THE STRANGERS and JAWS called HOUSE SHARK.

We’ve seen SHARKNADOs, SNOW SHARKs. SHARKTOPUS’ and every other class of toothy “bad fish” so why not saddle a shark into a life as a dry-land domestic?

Says Bonk:

“I’ve always wanted to do an homage to JAWS and just a shark themed movie in general, even having attempted to write a JAWS sequel in my much younger years.  But until now, I never quite hit on what my shark movie would be about.  Basically, HOUSE SHARK is what it sounds like… JAWS in a house.”

Truth in advertising is so rare these days… 

Bonk and his gaggle of Bonk-ites have turned to IndieGoGo in order to round up the modest sum of 15K to bring this weirdo flick to life.

You can check out the campaign HERE.

I like Ron. He’s sincere. He loves what he does. And if the man wants to devote a portion of his lifespan to making JAWS in a house, then, Hell, all the power to him!

Either way, it can’t be any worse than JAWS: THE REVENGE.


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