10 Horror Movies That SHOULD Be Remade


The Mask 3D

GALLERY: 10 Horror Movies That SHOULD Be Remade

Recently the folks at Kino Lorber presented a short theatrical run for 1961’s cult classic THE MASK 3D in a beautiful DCP from a remastered 35mm print in New York, complete with facsimiles of the original anaglyph 3D glasses. Experiencing the film as it was meant to be seen -every time the lead puts the mask on you put your 3D glasses on- was immersive in a way most post-converted Real-D 3D movies will never be. Yes it’s gimmicky, but guess what: 3D is a gimmick, and you have the 3D ticket surcharge to prove it! The enjoyment felt by the audience made us crave something similarly experiential/interactive… it actually made us want a remake of The Mask 3D!

That got us thinking about other movies that would be well-served by a remake. After all, we are living in an age where studios are desperate to acquire proven IP with name recognition, and there must be a few diamonds-in-the-rough that can and should be dusted off and taken out of mothballs for a proper modern reimagining. Of course, some of the most beloved horror films are remakes, be it David Cronenberg’s THE FLY or John Carpenter’s THE THING, and the guiding principle behind most of the best is that the original film had some tantalizing premise that maybe wasn’t realized to the fullest and could stand a modernization. 

In our list below you’ll find movies from the 50’s through the 90’s that are now old enough to be considered for a legitimate remake. Some are undiscovered gems, while others were hits at the time that are now sadly forgotten. We encourage you to submit your own candidates for a remake in the comments below as well!

Check out the list of movies that should be remade in the gallery below, and click “Full Screen” to read the whole article on a laptop.

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