10 Totally Tasteless Exploitation Film Posters



SHOCK pastes up 10 tasteless and tacky movie posters from exploitation film history.

Downmarket cinema is a curious circus.

Without the big bucks to make mainstream movies, exploitation and indie genre filmmakers have had to distill their pictures to the most sensational of skeletons, targeting the basest impulses of curious and cheerfully perverted audiences everywhere.

But no matter the moving picture product, whether it be the gloss of Hollywood or the skids of Harry Novak, one thing was essential in putting the paid pundits’ patooties in the seats: a great poster!

Like any good carnival barker at every sideshow and circus ’round the world, the poster has to scream loudly to make people prick up their ears and file inside.

But when it comes to exploitation films, it’s just that greasy product within is so much more lurid and fun to promote!

Good taste goes out the window when it comes to marketing and here, we’ve randomly selected 10 truly shameless posters from films that are generally nowhere as naughty as their come-ons suggest.

In at least 2 cases, the film being shucked is a rather sophisticated work that whatever craven distributor got their mitts on it had to slop into the grindhouse underbelly and make it seem like something it wasn’t.

And no matter what, these wonderfully unsavory posters will fill your eyeballs for a few minutes and make you appreciate that hallowed art of parting a fool and his money.