Attention Artists! Submit Your Own THE BOY Fan Art and Win!



Create your own THE BOY fan art for the chance to win a stack of cash.

Now, this is kinda cool…

We’ve been talking often about the upcoming William Brent Bell-directed, haunted doll chiller THE BOY.

In their bid to get others talking about it as well, STX Entertainment and Lakeshore Entertainment have launched a fan art contest, in which artists of all age, training and persuasion can draw, paint, scribble, etch or chisel their own impressionistic art pieces that represent in some way, the iconography and themes that drive THE BOY.

The winner of the contest walks away with a cool $1000 cash.

If you’ve got a modicum of talent and a maximum of passion, click on over to the official The Boy fan art site and read the contest rules. You can also feast of some of the already submitted – many of which are really lovely – art pieces themselves.

Now go drag something across something and make something.

THE BOY opens January 22nd..that’s today! Are you checking this one out?