HELLRAISER’s Simon ‘Butterball’ Bamford to Star in New Paul Kane Penned Film

Original HELLRAISER cenobite to star in Clive Barker associate Paul Kane’s new film CONFIDENCE.

Writer and editor Paul Kane is the brain behind such published works as Hooded Man, Hellbound Hearts, Monsters and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes and The Servents of Hell (a sidebar fantasy of the cenobite mythology invented by Clive Barker). His stories have been adapted to film and television but now, Kane’s first original screenplay is being made into a film.

The picture in question is called CONFIDENCE and it’s a short film produced by Luke Greensmith, directed by Mike Clarke and starring “Butterball” himself, actor Simon Bamford so memorable as the monstrous cenobite in Barker’s HELLRAISER and HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II.


CONFIDENCE is a short and unusual delve into the mind of a shy man attending a self help course that takes a turn for the worse under the heckling of the therapist who is supposed to be helping him.

The production is due to start filming in February and to round up finishing funds, Kane and company have launched a Kickstarter campaign. You can find more details of the the Kickstarter campaign by going HERE.