HALLOWEEN 5 Star Tamara Glynn Joins Judge Panel for Little Rock’s Fantastic Phantasmagoria Contest



Producer, festival director and HALLOWEEN 5 actress Tamara Glynn joins Fantastic Phantasmagoria Fake Trailer Contest.

SHOCK is thrilled to be co-sponsoring the Film Society of Little Rock and Fantastic Cinema and Craft Beer Festival in Little Rock Arkansas, running April 7-10.

A component of the festival is the Fantastic Phantasmagoria 60 Second Fake Trailer Contest, presented by Crypt TV. As we’ve previously mentioned, the contest is a first for the festival, opening up the spotlight to everyday film hobbyists and amateur filmmakers to display their talents for the strange and macabre.

From the latest press release:

A trailer is an all-too important factor to initiate the mouth-watering taste that gets the audience hungering for more. A good trailer can cause people to line up in front of the theaters, while a bad one can keep them away like the plague. When it comes to trailers, all the audience cares about is if it can get their pulse racing! Fantastic Cinema and Crypt TV challenge filmmakers to create a trailer that will get their adrenaline rushing in just 60 seconds.

“Genre filmmakers are some of the most creative filmmakers you will ever meet.” says Fantastic Cinema Festival Director Tony Taylor. “And most genre filmmakers have a million ideas in their head. Films they’d love to make. Films that could be the next huge genre films. We want to see these ideas, no matter how wild and crazy they may be, in the form of 60 second trailer.”

Aside from the 60 second length, content for submissions must be an original idea–not based on anything currently in existence, a la fan-films–and aspire to adhere to Crypt TV’s “Weird is Good” motto but otherwise can be among varying genres, including horror, science fiction, fantasy, or thriller.

Submissions are due by February 29, and then Fantastic Cinema’s Rising Filmmaker Award winners, Luchagore Productions-as well as others involved in the film business-will judge all submissions to select a winner.

Newly announced celebrity judges for the contest include Arkansas native, co-founder of the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival and HALLOWEEN 5 co-star Tamara Glynn and producer (THE VAMPIRE’S ASSISTANT: CIRQUE DU FREAK) and programming director of the Hot Springs Film Festival Courtney Pledge.

They join the already announce judges, including LuchaGore Productions Raynor Shima , Luke Bramley and Gigi Saul Guerrero (MEXICO BARBARO), SHOCK editor, musician and filmmaker Chris Alexander and writer, producer, director and film journo Justin Beahm

Click here for full contest details and rules!


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