Audio Interview: John Carpenter on Synth Music, Rock’N’Roll and The Coupe De Villes

To celebrate John Carpenter’s birthday, SHOCK gives you an audio interview with one of dark cinema’s brightest stars.

In honor of the 68th birthday on one of the greatest genre filmmakers – nay, greatest filmmakers, period – of all time, the brilliant writer, director and composer John Carpenter, SHOCK is pleased to present this audio interview excerpt.

Recorded in 2015, here Carpenter discusses his love of British Rock ‘N’ Roll, his discovery and mastering of synth music, his early film scoring techniques and the birth of his own hobby rock band, The Coupe De Villes.


And please, let’s all send some warm birthday vibes to the man who gave us so many movies – from HALLOWEEN to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK to THE THING to STARMAN to GHOSTS OF MARS and beyond –  and to an electronic musician who changed the face of contemporary film music composition.