Much-Maligned VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Gets Second Chance on Home Video



VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN set to get second chance on home video.

Director Paul McGuigan’s slick, stylized action-oriented, Max Landis-penned take on Mary Shelley’s classic FRANKENSTEIN story, the much-maligned VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, may have bombed theatrically and suffered the slings and arrows of sneering, mocking fans and indifferent critics…

…but it wasn’t bad. In fact, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN was a ton of goofy fun.

Starring James McAvoy as the good doc and Daniel Radcliffe as his savvy assistant Igor, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is the kind of movie that tends to find its following on the small screen.

If you missed it (and, judging by the record-breaking dismal box-office, you did) now is your chance to steady yourself to see it, as 20th Century Fox has just announced the DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD release dates.

Mark February 23rd on your calendar for VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN’s Digital HD debit and March 8th for its Blu-ray/DVD premiere.

We suggest you take a chance on this one…