CS Video: Victor Frankenstein Director Paul McGuigan


CS Video: Victor Frankenstein Director Paul McGuigan.

Interview with Victor Frankenstein director Paul McGuigan

Probably the best preparation that director Paul McGuigan (PushLucky Number Slevin) could have for directing the upcoming Victor Frankenstein was the four episodes of BBC’s Sherlock he directed, not because the new 20th Century Fox movie is attempting to modernize a classic piece of literature, as much as it takes a different approach to Mary Shelley’s book by focusing on the mad scientist’s assistant Igor.  Oh, and that assistant is played by the charming and debonair former Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe.

It’s definitely a different take on the Frankenstein legend with the egotistical doctor played by James McAvoy (X-Men: Days of Future Past) who rescues Igor from the circus where he’s being abused and the two of them work to try to create life. 

ComingSoon.net sat down with McGuigan for an extended video interview (which you can watch below), in which he spoke to us about his decision to take on the project based on Max Landis’ screenplay and try to create an original version of the classic story. He talks about the casting of Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy (and suggested that the roles could probably have been reversed) as well as recreating the expansive historic London of the movie on a limited budget.

Victor Frankenstein opens on Wednesday, November 25.

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