Charles Band Tells Us 6 Things About the upcoming PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION



SHOCK gets some more information about the upcoming PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION.

Venerable exploitation film production house Full Moon Features, the studio birthed by father and son moguls and Empire Pictures founders Albert and Charles Band, continues to make movies and merchandise based on their beloved franchises.

With the passing of Albert Band some time ago, Charles has been single-handedly keeping the legend alive and is truly, outside of Roger Corman, he’s certainly one of the last indie genre-slingers in business.

Band’s latest film is the 11th entry in the venerable PUPPET MASTER series, the long awaited fan-friendly killer marionette flick PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION. Though the modestly-budgeted movie is already financed and ready for camera, Full Moon has turned to IndieGoGo to get the scratch to make the on-screen FX and the fluid motion of the murderous puppets themselves, even more awesome.

They’re into the last week of the campaign and they’ve ponied up a glut of new incentives to get their fans involved and you can check out those perks here, but in the meantime, SHOCK talked to Band to get a bit more juice about this latest, dolls vs. Nazi’s horror fantasy opus.

Here’s 6 sick questions for, and answers from, the man, Charles Band.

Q:Will this be a direct continuation of the AXIS story arc?

A:Yes…and it’s conclusion of the AXIS trilogy.

Q: Have you cast the film yet? Any humans from the previous picture returning?

A: Yes. The 2 leads from AXIS RISING will return, otherwise it will be an all new cast.

Q: Will we see any new puppets make an appearance?

A: No.These will be the same puppets seen in the AXIS series.

Q: Will your brother, composer Richard Band be on board to make the music?

A: Yes! Richard will return to compose the score.

Q: If this one works out as planned, will there be more PUPPET MASTER films?

A: Yes! We’ll keep making them as long as the fans keep wanting them!

Love them or don’t, we’re just glad we still live in a world where Full Moon is making movies.Keep hitting this site for more news about PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION as we get it!