Director Jim Wynorski Remembers Angus Scrimm



Cult film legend Jim Wynorski says goodbye to his friend, Angus Scrimm.

Director Jim Wynorski is one of the most prolific purveyors of independent horror and cult films in history; he also was a friend and colleague to the late actor and icon Angus Scrimm, who we lost yesterday at the age of 89.

Jim offered his thoughts on the passing of his fallen friend:

“I worked with Angus Scrimm (aka Lawrence Rory Guy) on many occasions, including my films THE LOST EMPIRE, CHOPPING MALL, and TRANSYLVANIA TWIST. He was one of most generous, giving and humble actors I have ever had the pleasure to work with in Hollywood. Outside of our time together on the set, I saw him occasionally and he was always ready to chat, lend a hand, or do whatever he could to please.

I sadly mourn his passing, this truly noble gentleman – who could scare the shit out of you if he so desired.

RIP Angus!”


Director Jim Wynorski Rememebers Angus Scrimm