Exclusive Video Interview: Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney Go Deep into THE FOREST



Film journo Shawn Macomber sits down with Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney to discuss the much-hyped horror film THE FOREST.

In press materials hyping THE FOREST producer David S. Goyer has said he hopes the film will make audiences “afraid of going into the woods in the same way that JAWS made people afraid to go swim in the ocean.” Yet whereas Spielberg’s landmark shark epic seeks maximum impact by situating its finned antagonist in the most idyllic of locales, THE FOREST chooses to plunge an ordinary woman deep into one of the creepiest, least ordinary settings on the planet: Japan’s infamous Aokigahara forest, wherein hundreds of people have committed suicide—many at the behest, the legend goes, of the ever-growing horde of angry ghosts who traipse between the trees and whisper not-so-sweet existential nothings into the ears of those who dare enter this place where the corporeal and supernatural collide as they vie for dominance of the same patch of beautiful-yet-scarred land.


SHOCK recently had the opportunity and honor of speaking with stars Natalie Dormer (THE HUNGER GAMES, GAME OF THRONES) and Taylor Kinney (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, CHICAGO FIRE) about the imaginative wonders and professional challenges of journeying into this real world-based festival of surrealist horrors.