Review: Monstrous Mammary’s Attack in Greg Lamberson’s KILLER RACK



SHOCK reviews Greg Lamberson’s latest horror comedy KILLER RACK.

They say beauty is “only skin deep” but for Betty “depth” is also the bane of her existence. Life for Betty could be perfect, if only she had massive hooters. Her flat chest repulses her boyfriend, denies her a step on the promotion ladder, is the cause of graffiti on her front door, and stops the local dirt- bags from cat-calling her (in the one instance where it’s actually welcomed). When all becomes too much to bear, Betty’s low self-esteem and desire to succeed lands her in the office of the demonic Dr. Kate Thulu (Cthulu, get it?) played by cult icon Debbie Rochon. Doctor Thulu refers to herself as an artist and claims Betty is the perfect subject for her handiwork. After the Doc’s “artwork” is complete, Betty wakes up from surgery with a pair of cans stretched out farther than the eye can see. Betty can hardly wait to show off her new assets…

Though she can’t walk well with these huge bazongas killing her center of gravity, her life vastly improves…and fast. She is the envy of her big-titted bitchy coworkers, the center of attention for her misogynist boss who instantly gives her a promotion and finally lusted after by her boyfriend. But there is a lot of bad that comes with the good and having huge supernatural knockers ultimately proves to be deadly for those who encounter Betty….


Buffalo-based indie movie overlord Greg Lamberson’s award-winning KILLER RACK is indeed a fun, no-brainer kind of flick. It’s like the film baby of John Waters and Lloyd Kaufman.

And speaking of Kaufman, he’s in the film too and is completely in his element, appearing in a great little song and dance number. That tune is part of a catchy score that I seem to find myself singing in the least appropriate of places (singing about fun-bags at the gym is apparently frowned upon).

Jessica Zwolak as Betty veers between mousy and tame to doing a dead on WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S impression, but really shines at the end when a blood-soaked boobie-battle ensues.

Rochon is fantastically over the top evil in the film. It’s a treat to watch her and Robert Bozek who plays Nurse Herbie East (or as Dr. Thulu affectionately calls her, “Igor”) chew the scenery every time they hit the screen.

If you are as much a fan of Producer/Director Gregory Lamberson as I am, KILLER RACK will bode nicely as a double feature with Lamberson’s other horror darlings SLIME CITY and SLIME CITY MASSACRE.

What can I say? KILLER RACK is the tits.

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