Interview: Actress and Author Dee Wallace Wants You to Be (and Buy) Her Teddy Bear



THE HOWLING legend Dee Wallace talks about her latest project: the BuppaLaPaloo teddy bear.

Actress Dee Wallace will forever be hard-wired into horror fans’ hearts for her unforgettable work in a series of genre pictures, most notably Wes Craven’s blistering 1977 survivalist shocker THE HILLS HAVE EYES, Joe Dante’s 1980 werewolf masterpiece THE HOWLING and Lewis Teague’s1983 Stephen King adaptation CUJO. Of course, the world at large will cite her turn as “E.T.’s mom” in the classic 1982 Steven Spielberg family film as well…

But although Wallace has appeared in over 100 films in her over 40 years in show business, her central incarnation these days is as a “Spiritual Life Coach”, a woman who has turned to new age concepts of spiritual healing through creativity and self love and has authored a series of moving, inspirational books. You can investigate this aspect of her professional life at her official site.

And now, Wallace is turning her philosophies toward the next generation with her latest creation. It’s called BuppaLaPaloo, a plush teddy bear for very young children that comes armed with interactive sayings that are designed to instill a sense of self-worth and confidence as well as alerting them to the import of empathy.

Talking to Dee is always a treat; she’s a deep well, a genuinely warm, thoughtful woman.And for THE HOWLING alone, she’s SHOCK royalty…

With that, here is the brilliant Dee Wallace in a chat we banked a few days ago, talking about life, love, God, her late husband (and THE HOWLING co-star) Christopher Stone, cinema and, of course, her “Buppa Bear”…

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