William Friedkin’s THE GUARDIAN Coming To Blu-ray



Scream Factory brings underrated Friedkin gem THE GUARDIAN to Blu-ray.

Though he’s known primarily ’round these parts as “the guy who directed THE EXORCIST”, William Friedkin remains one of the greatest genre filmmakers in history. His many masterpieces are often buried under the weight of his signature 1973 satanic shocker, but the power of films like THE FRENCH CONNECTION, SORCERER and CRUISING cannot be easily dismissed. The man knows how to make movies that are cerebral, daring and often, very bizarre…

Often, his 1990 parental-paranoia chiller THE GUARDIAN is left off the list of Friedkin’s greatest films but there’s no reason why it should be. The film is a stylish, often scary, erotic and, especially during its frenzied climax, berserk arthouse horror film/fairy tale that has never gotten the respect it deserves.

But on January 19th, Scream Factory will finally release the film on Blu-ray. This writer for one is salivating at the prospect of seeing this gem in high definition. I saw it theatrically upon release and remember it being a mesmerizing visual experience, an effect obliterated on the pan/scan VHS and diminished on the DVD.

From the Scream Factory press release:

William Friedkin, the Academy Award® winning director of THE EXORCIST, delivers a new kind of fairy tale for adults. A handsome young couple finds the perfect live-in babysitter to look after their newborn child. It seems like a fairy tale, until ancient, supernatural forces turn the couples dream into a nightmare. On January 19, 2016, SCREAM FACTORY™ is proud to present THE GUARDIAN, arriving for the first time on Blu-ray™. The supernatural thriller stars Jenny Seagrove (LOCAL HERO), Dwier Broan (RED DRAGON) and Carey Lowell (LICENSE TO KILL).


If you haven’t seen this baby-killing pagan tree-witch shocker, you’re in for a treat. If you have and if you care about the film like I do…then a high five is in order.

You can pre-order THE GUARDIAN now from the Scream Factory website.


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