Documentary On HEAVY METAL Director Launches KickStarter Campaign


New film about Canadian animator and director of cult adult animation hit HEAVY METAL seeks funding.


The first time I saw the nude female form it was ludicrously exaggerated, writhing in the running time of what would eventually be one the most famous adult animated, dark fantasy films of all time: 1981’s Ivan Reitman produced anthology HEAVY METAL. It’s no wonder I’m so messed-up.

The film was, of course, based on stories within (and the legacy of) famed X-rated magazine HEAVY METAL, itself a licensed U.S. version of the French erotic/horror/fantasy comic magazine METAL HURLANT.

The berserk, ultra-gory, wildly sexual and unapologetically ludicrous film was a Canadian production but employed scores of animators from all over the world, featured voice work from virtually all of the cast members of beloved Canuck comedy series SCTV and sported a legendary hard rock soundtrack featuring BLACK SABBATH, BLUE OYSTER CULT, NAZARETH and more. It’s an unforgettable film and is, when it’s not being silly, often quite disturbing (remember the Dan O’Bannon-penned sequence where the green ‘Loc-Nar’ alien turns the WW2 fighter pilots into skeletal zombies? Yikes!).


The film was directed by the maverick British/Canadian animator Gerald Potterton, an Oscar nominated filmmaker who has worked with Buster Keaton. John Candy, Ringo Starr and Vincent Price among many, many other legendary talents.

The man has been animating for almost 70 years and has led many lives, packed with many adventures.

Indeed, Potterton’s life IS cinema and now, filmmaker Laurie Gordon – a longtime friend and fan – has begun work on a documentary about the man entitled THE FLYING ANIMATOR (its title stemming from Potterton’s other life as a rabid aviation enthusiast).

I’ve had the honor of spending some time with Potterton in Toronto, where myself and filmmaker Chris Walsh (THE SHUTTERBUG MAN) screened a 35mm print of HEAVY METAL and had the director with us for a pre-show dinner and amazing Q&A. The HEAVY METAL stories alone would make for a remarkable movie but truthfully, HM is only a footnote in a remarkable life spent making daring, beautiful and bizarre art.

To check out Gordon’s KickStarter campaign to get the finishing funds for THE FLYING ANIMATOR watch the video below. And, for thrills, below that check out the trailer for the still badass-as-all-get-out HEAVY METAL!


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