Canada! Bruce McDonald


Canadian horror fever-dream returns to select theaters this Halloween.

Canadian counterculture film legend Bruce (PONTYPOOL) McDonald’s latest flick, the surreal, festival favorite HELLIONS is being dragged back out of the abyss for another run in select Canadian theaters this weekend, just in time of Halloween.

Horror fans in Toronto and Halifax will have the chance to step inside their local multiplexes and see McDonald’s mind-bending audio/visual fever dream (everyone else can catch the films via iTunes digital). HELLIONS takes place on Halloween night and follows the “Alice in Wonderland from Hell” adventures of a young girl left alone who, under the effects of the dreaded ‘blood moon’ gets lost in a horrific head trip. Think Argento’s SUSPIRIA and PHENOMENA by way of the THE WIZARD OF OZ…

McDonald directs and the film is written written by Pascal Trottier (A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY), and produced by Frank Siracusa (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN) of Whizbang Films and Paul Lenart of Storyteller Pictures.

Toronto and Halifax residents can check your locals theater listings for showtimes and locations.

Read our review HERE and then groove on the ghoulish trailer below:


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