Contest: Win a Copy of PUPPET MASTER 4 on Blu-ray


SHOCK wants to give you a copy of PUPPET MASTER 4 on Blu-ray.

Director Jeff Burr’s PUPPET MASTER 4 is finally on Blu-ray and Full Moon Features has given SHOCK 5 copies to give away to fans.

PUPPET MASTER 4 might be the most beloved film in the unyielding franchise and it pits the charismatic and lethal marionettes owned by the mystical Andre Toulon against a pack of demons (or Totems) from the underworld in what ends up being a blow-out monster mash.  The film benefits greatly from the presence of  director Burr (FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM, LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3) and the late David Allen’s top-drawer stop-motion effects.

Full Moon’s PUPPET MASTER 4 HD Blu-ray comes complete with a Burr commentary, a vintage “VideoZone” behind the scenes doc, trailers and more.

PUPPET MASTER 4 Blu-ray can only be purchased via Full Moon and Amazon.

But if you want to skip the line and get your stringless mitts on your own copy,  email with the words “Animate the Decapitron” in the subject line. Five lucky winners will be chosen at random.




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