Exclusive: Master of Horror Mick Garris Teases New All-Star Horror Anthology


Producer/Director Mick Garris gives SHOCK the exclusive on his new anthology horror film.

Veteran horror writer/director/producer and cheerleader Mick Garris (“I’m the ZELIG of horror!” Garris laughingly told us), the man behind a myriad Stephen King adaptations as well as the beloved and lamented Showtime series MASTERS OF HORROR, has just informed SHOCK about his latest project.

“It’s called NIGHTMARE CINEMA,” says Garris.

“It’s a horror anthology with five unique stories, each with a different director. This is a feature-film collection of unique horror stories linked only by a desire to reach in and grab you by the terror gland, made by a group of directors from around the world, each with a vision unlike any other. It’s the same philosophy I had when MASTERS OF HORROR came to be, but in an anthology film format. I can’t wait to finalize the paperwork and announce the names. I know the horror community will be as excited as I am!”

With the tireless, visionary Garris steering the ship, only good things can come of this.

We’ll give you more intel on NIGHTMARE CINEMA as we get it.

Stay tuned…

And in the meantime, let’s flashback on Garris’ incredible MASTERS OF HORROR series with this classic trailer from its first series.




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