Brazilian Horror! Chilling Thriller HARD LABOR to Open in NYC


Acclaimed Latin American shocker to open in NYC this month.

Award winning Brazilian domestic horror film HARD LABOR (aka TRABALHAR CANSA) is set to open theatrically at New York’s Cinema Village on October 30th. The film will then expand its North American screen presence throughout the year. HARD LABOR is the feature debut by Brazilian co-directors Marco Dutra (WHEN I WAS ALIVE) and Juliana Rojas (SINFONIA DE NECROPOLE) and has been described as THE SHINING by way of Italian master Vittorio De Sica.

HARD LABOR riffs on very palpable economic issues that affect contemporary Brazilian society but masks them in a very strange and frightening dark fantasy film sheen.

Here’s the synopsis from the official press release:

Although emotionally in sync, Helena (Helena Albergaria) and her white-collar husband Otavio (Marat Descartes), suddenly find themselves at opposite ends of the labor force: just as she gets ready to open a grocery store (and become a business owner), he is fired from a “stable” job.

As Otávio goes through a series of humiliating and ego-crushing job interviews (and is forced to re-invent himself for a new job market), Helena jumpstarts her grocery store in a mysterious (and progressively deteriorating) building. Soon enough, her enthusiasm for a better future begins to give way to a dark, pervasive doom – and Otávio’s self-upgrading morphs into an eerie transformation.

Have a look at the trailer below and keep reading SHOCK for more on this unique, frightening film.


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