Netflix Horrors: Don Mancini’s CURSE OF CHUCKY




Netflix Horrors is a regular column in which SHOCK alerts you to the latest genre titles to hit the VOD service.

As we slink into the season of Samhain, NETFLIX will no doubt be adding more and more horror product, both classic and contemporary.

Here’s a closer look at an underrated film that just started streaming today…



In CURSE OF CHUCKY, director Don Mancini returns his “baby”, the malevolent killer doll Chucky, to the darkness of his roots. See, in Tom Holland’s Mancini co-scripted CHILD’S PLAY, Chucky was a force to be feared. Sure, he cracked wise on occasion and the central conceit of a kid’s toy turned terrible is innately funny, but Holland’s picture is a grim, character driven and genuinely thrilling cinematic experience and CURSE is its ideal companion.

As the series wore on, Mancini steered the franchise into operatic, over-the-top, near Python-esque comedy (see SEED OF CHUCKY for his crowning absurdist jewel). But in 2013’s CURSE OF CHUCKY, he opted to return his evil “Good Guy” to the pint-sized psychopath he really should be, weaving  in bits of films like MAGIC and WAIT UNTIL DARK for good measure. It’s a smashing return to form, creepy and clever and leaves us wanting more. 

Other announced films rolling out this month include the Olivia Wilde starring horror/drama THE LAZARUS EFFECT (10/14), Rodney Ascher’s paralyzing doc THE NIGHTMARE (10/14), THE RETURNED Season Two (10/31) and many more.



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