Raven Banner gets CRABS!



Canadian distributor catches CRABS!

Toronto-based genre film distro outfit Raven Banner Entertainment has just announced a deal to help finish, secure worldwide rights and serve as executive producers for writer/director Pierce Berolzheimer’s new creeper CRABS!. Note that despite the lurid title, the picture has nothing to do with sentient STD’s…

The film, which was feature in the most recent edition of Fantasia’s Frontieres International Work-In-Progress Market is described as a “love letter to practical effects and old-school monster movies, the film follows wheelchair bound Philip McCallister, an unlikely hero just trying to get a date for prom when mutated horseshoe crabs descend on his sleepy costal town and force him to step out of the wheelchair and onto the battlefield.”

The deal was negotiated by Noah Lang and Evan Buxbaum and Raven Banner’s James Fler, Annick Mahnert and Michael Paszt.

“We never thought we’d say this but we are so happy to have CRABS!” stated Raven Banner Managing Partner Michael Paszt.

Get your claws poised for a release sometime in 2016. SHOCK will fish for more news and spill it out onto the dock as we find some…