Watch an Exclusive When Animals Dream Clip


Watch an Exclusive When Animals Dream Clip.

Exclusive When Animals Dream clip

RADiUS-TWC has provided with an exciting exclusive clip from Jonas Alexander Arnby’s Danish coming-of-age thriller When Animals Dream, which premiered at Cannes in 2014 and played a number of festivals to great acclaim. 

The film stars newcomer Sonia Suhl as Marie, a teenager living in a seaside town who has to balance taking care of her seemingly invalid mother with her new job at the fish factory. The fact is that Marie’s mother is hiding a dark secret and Marie herself is starting to go through a transformation that’s making it hard for her to connect with a nice boy she meets at the factory.  Also, Marie’s colleagues at the factory ostracize and bully her which makes the changes she’s experiencing even tougher.

The clip below is a pivotal moment in the movie when Marie wakes up to find her father and family doctor trying to inject her with some sort of medicine to prevent her transformation and let’s just say that her mother isn’t happy about that.

You can catch When Animals Dream when it opens in select cities and on VOD this Friday, August 28, but before that, you can read’s review from last year’s Fantasia Film Festival.