Hannibal: Bryan Fuller on the Possible Film


Hannibal - Season 3

While it’s increasingly unlikely that Hannibal will be saved as a series, this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con saw creator Bryan Fuller and producer Martha De Laurentiis reveal they hope to continue the tale via feature film. As many are curious as to what they may not see, there have been endless questions about what Season 4 and now, a possible movie, would be. Posed the question, Fuller teases something from Thomas Harris’ novels yet to be adapted. 

Crave spoke with Fuller at SDCC, and the Hannibal mastermind explains, “There’s actually a pocket in one of the novels that I won’t say specifically because it would betray the end of Season 3 events, but there’s something that hasn’t been done that we would love to do with Mads and Hugh, and incarnations of their characters, that I think would be a really fascinating psychological thriller.”

Fuller adds the film would be “this thing from the books that I find fascinating and earned that nobody has done in the previous adaptations.”

Possessing a limited knowledge of the Harris books proper, it’s difficult to pinpoint what Fuller is alluding to. It is, however, likely somewhere within Red DragonHannibal or Hannibal Rising, as it’s unclear whether the rights to use elements and characters from Silence of the Lambs can be secured.