Ash vs. Evil Dead’s New Creatures: ‘Anything Can Come out of’ Necronomicon



Perhaps the highlight of a trailer, which itself was a highlight of San Diego Comic-Con, was the glimpse at Ash vs. Evil Dead’s non-deadite threats. Namely this towering, weird beast. Knowing the series would unleash various creatures beyond the deadite proper, Shock asked showrunner Craig DiGregorio what to expect from a season of supernatural plague.

“I think the deadites are going to be much the same as far as their mythology goes, but I do think the show is expanding the mythology of the Necronomicon and the book, and what the bigger mythology is around the deadites,” the writer explains.

“So the new creatures… the Necronomicon plays a big part, obviously, in the show and the conceit of movies and the show is anything can come out of that book, or out of this sort of world. There are some creatures that come forward that are not necessarily deadites, they’re demons. I’m not sure how much I can actually say about them but we’re expanding that world. It’s deadites and a bunch of other creatures and hopefully that helps when you have to do one or multiple seasons of the show that you can have a lot of creatures.”

While they may plan a lot of creatures, DiGregorio notes the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead is pacing itself. “But I don’t think we go insane this first season with a ton of other creatures. There are a few we focus in on. Because the book can call forth so much stuff, we didn’t want to inundate people with everything. That’s not what the movies were.”

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres Halloween on Starz. Sam Raimi directs the first episode.

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