Hannibal: Amazon and Netflix Pass on Season Four


Hannibal - Season 3

The search to #SaveHannibal is ongoing. As Season Three plays out (incredibly), fans hold out hope that Bryan Fuller’s stunner of a take on the Thomas Harris novels can be rescued. Unfortunately today, it was learned Amazon and Netflix won’t be stepping in. 

While recent Tweets from Hannibal‘s production company, the DeLaurentiis Company, have declined to comment, Fuller spoke out in response to a fan query. “I’M SORRY TO REPORT AND HAVE PASSED ON S4 BUT WE’RE STILL INVESTIGATING POSSIBILITIES” he writes. NBC recently cancelled the show in its third season. Though something of a masterwork, Hannibal repeatedly draws less-than-stellar ratings. It’s surprising the gorgeous, macabre and deeply weird show got this far. 

Amazon and Netflix were among the largest hopes, considering their size and popularity. The latter was unrealistic however as the former holds exclusive streaming rights to Hannibal. Who might come in now? 

Hannibal stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen were recently released from their contracts and Fuller is next getting into production on Starz’s American Gods adaptation. Will Hannibal be saved soon, or might we have to dream of a resurrection down the line? It’s perhaps best to truly savor the current season; again, it’s great and we haven’t even touched its Red Dragon half yet.