14 Picks for a Girls’ Night In


You know what ladies? It’s time for us to watch some fucked up shit together.

Snake Plissken, Ray Cameron, Oh Dae-su, Jerry Dandrige— every man has an iconic cinematic character that they look up to, if only because the leather-studded legend knows how to shoot his way out of a room. But men aren’t the only ones that can acquire a list of films to screen when it’s time to gather the gang for a night of action and debauchery. For every grimy, gun-toting, wife-beater-wearing muscle man in genre movies, there’s a warrior woman caked in blood, pickaxe in hand, ready to take on the next challenger. For every sharp-dressed man calmly discussing lethal plans inside of a hotel lobby, there’s a stiletto-wearing vixen sporting a smile that will buy her any drink in the house, and any man who buys it.

So when it comes time for girls’ night in, there’s a long list of kickass female characters that make their presence known through revenge, deception, and sexually driven diversion tactics. Just like a guy aspires to one day be as cool as Ashley J. Williams, these women give us a goal to achieve; a state of mind we wish to acquire, and an ego that we can respect and idolize. We look up to these women, because they’ve grown tired of the system, sick of the status quo, fed up with the glass ceiling, and done with double standards. Many of them have hit rock bottom, and like a phoenix, they rise from the ashes and fly freely like gods in the sky, born again with an innate strength and power that we try to emulate in our daily lives. Even if their actions are questionable and sometimes downright horrifying, the mantra behind their work is fascinating, and their films make great material for a girls’ night in with your favorite gore-loving gal pals. 

Read on to see which titles should make your picks for you’re a marathon; then call up your girlfriends, pop some popcorn, and let the bloodbath begin.


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