Clip: A Daughter Transforms in Zombie Drama, Maggie


A world premiere this week at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival, the Henry Hobson-directed, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin-starring zombie drama approaches its national release on May 8th. Arnold himself dropped a new clip, in which his farmland father Wade struggles to care for a transforming daughter. 

Maggie is largely a subdued, tender zombie drama. It’s heavy and sad, and really quite good. This clip is fairly out of context, but a sense of what’s going on for both Wade and Maggie, his teenage daughter in the midst of an inevitable deterioration. Maggie is in theaters and on demand from Roadside Attractions in two weeks time. For more, see Shock’s review of the film right here, and expect words with Hobson and Schwarzenegger on the site soon.  


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