Sequel Talk: Flipping It Follows, More Leatherface



There’s been some hypothetical/conceptual talk about sequels today. Where might indie horror hit It Follows and the upcoming prequel Leatherface go?

Following all of the buzz and success of It Follows, Tom Quinn, co-president of It Follows distributor Radius-TWC told Deadline, logically, “The ultimate goal for us: We want to see [a] sequel.” Later, speaking to EW, he explains the first teases/ideas of where said sequel might head: the other direction. “Flip the title,” Quinn says. “There’s so much you could do.”

What could you do if you follow it? Well, hopefully not trace the curse back to some patient zero, because much of the beauty and dread of It Follows is in its blank spaces— the unknowable nature of this thing and the way you can plug your own anxieties about life, death and sex into it. If Radius does move ahead on a sequel, hopefully they take a cue from distribution partner and fellow Weinstein label Dimension, and give us some sweet late 90s lineup posters.

Meanwhile, Leatherface and Texas Chainsaw 3D producers Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman spoke to Bloody Disgusting. The two discuss their work together on the upcoming Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury-helmed young Leatherface film, while also revealing, “We have the rights for 5 films, but it always depends on the success of the last one whether or not you move forward.”