Creepy Clown Doll Gets Poltergeist Poster of Its Own



You know how superhero and action movies tend to give spotlight character posters to their rosters of heroes and villains? I guess it stands to make sense an iconic tale such as Poltergeist could do the same. The team behind the upcoming Gil Kenan-directed remake has seen fit to craft a one sheet around the reimagined version of the original film’s creepy clown doll. So, here it is. Poised to hang on theater walls and websites, staring at you. 

Fandango premiered this new poster for Poltergeist, the remake starring Rosemarie DeWeitt, Sam Rockwell, Jared Harris and Jane Adams – and this doll, which seems almost a little too intentionally evil in its appearance compared to the original’s, which is insidious by being so benign. Of course this poster could have gussied it up a bit with harsh light and downward stare. The above still image from the film is a little more innocent, if inherently eerie. 

Poltergeist of course concerns a suburban family who moves into a new home and encounters a violent entity which kidnaps their young daughter. Sam Raimi produces and the film is out May 22.