The Beyond: Malastrana’s NYC Giallo Fever Series Begins Today



As a follow-up to Malastrana and Anthology Film Archives’ 2012 hit screening series Giallo Fever, programmers Alessio Giorgetti, Alessio Grana and Yunsun Chae have planned a second, week-long dive into the utterly beloved Italian horror subgenre called The Killer Must Kill Again!: Giallo Fever, Part 2. Featuring 35MM prints of Dario Argento’s Tenebrae, Four Flies on Grey Velvet and Creepers (aka Phenomena); Sergio Martino’s All The Colors of the Dark; Mario Bava’s A Bay of Blood; Fulci’s The Psychic; as well as more obscure titles like Death Laid an Egg and Footprints on the Moon and more; the series is a totally essential education for those unfamiliar with giallo, as well as a pleasure to revisit for hardened admirers. 

In an attempt to supplement the series for readers and giallo fans, Shock’s been lucky to have Eurohorror aficionado and the mega-talented Alison Nastasi pen a column called The Beyond, reviewing the series’ titles and reassessing from stellar perspective, including a look at Bay of Blood via its alternate titles and talking the dark satire of Martino in All the Colors of the Dark (aka They’re Coming to Get You).

The Killer Must Kill Again!: Giallo Fever, Part 2 runs March 20-29 at New York City’s Anthology Film Archives, with a special screening of Umberto Lenzi’s Paranoia (aka Orgasmo) taking place at Nitehawk Cinema at Midnight on March 27 & 28. You can find all pertinent screening info here.

Below, find links to all of our The Beyond pieces, so far:


A Bay of Blood

All the Colors of the Dark

Lucio Fulci’s The Psychic

Death Laid an Egg