Bloor and Bettis Join Texas Chainsaw Prequel, Leatherface



A second, handsome young actor has joined the upcoming Bustillo & Maury-directed Texas Chainsaw prequel Leatherface, possibly as the killer himself. 

Hold a step, Sam? Wasn’t it widely reported just a day or so ago that EastEnders’ Sam Strike was our adoleatherface? The Wrap reports, in keeping with what I’ve heard of the script, that of the young patients that escape an asylum in the film, one is the killer, but it’s largely a mystery throughout. The site writes, “Bloor will play Ike, a budding young maniac who, like Strike’s character, also grows up to potentially wield the iconic chainsaw.”

Meanwhile, Bloody Disgusting reports May‘s Angela Bettis has joined the film as Verna, “the mother of the Sawyer family.” Bettis is a terrific performer who many love from Lucky McKee’s debut. Hopefully her talent and the talent of Inside directors Bustillo & Maury make for a worthy Texas Chainsaw film.