Sales Poster: Blumhouse-Produced Martyrs Remake



The long-gestating remake of Pascal Laugier’s devastating Martyrs has its directors and an early sales poster out of Berlin’s EFM. 

Produced by Blumhouse and The Safran Company, and directed by the Goetz Brothers (of 2013’s Scenic Route), the new Martyrs is being touted as “the ultimate horror movie.” Wild Bunch is selling the film, about a girl who tracks down the family which imprisoned her as a child, at the European Film Market.

Laugier’s 2008 original quickly became infamous, both as a highlight of the New French Extremity (alongside Inside, Trouble Every Day and Gaspar Noe’s films) and as something of an endurance test. Martyrs’ first half is a brutal home invasion, while its second becomes a heady, ghastly affair not for the squeamish.

Of course the question remains, how will that translate? If you’re curious about the filmmakers, Scenic Route is currently available on Netflix Instant.

Thanks to the Fantastic Fest Twitter for the look.