Exclusive Art, Trailer: Brinke Stevens-starring Jonah Lives



Indie horror label Wild Eye Releasing announces the upcoming Jonah Lives, a tale of spirit boards and murder from beyond the grave starring beloved scream queen, Brinke Stevens. Here, Shock debuts the film’s trailer and art. 

In Jonah Lives, “a group of teens foolishly play with a spirit board and contact the spirit of a murdered man, who they soon resurrect from the grave in the form of a murderous zombie, intent on avenging his own death and stalking the teens down one by one until he can get to his killer.” Wild Eye releases Jonah Lives on DVD this April 21st, will the following features:

• Behind the Scenes Teaser

• Behind the Scenes with Brinke Stevens

• Fall River Celebrates the Arts Screening

• Original Teaser Trailer

• Original Trailer

• Wild Eye Previews

Find the trailer and art for the film, below. For more on Jonah Lives and Wild Eye, visit the official site

Jonah Lives – Official DVD trailer from Wild Eye Releasing on Vimeo.

jonah lives

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