The Walking Dead Teases Hope in Season 5 Return



Things have been looking up for The Walking Dead. Are they going to look up on The Walking Dead, as well? 

Currently in the middle of its fifth season, The Walking Dead is experiencing something of a renaissance. Whereas the series has its loyal fanbase, both critics and casual viewers have cautiously returned their glances, with no shortage of talk that under showrunner Scott M. Gimple, it’s achieving something really good. I’ve yet to give it another shot, but I’m intrigued and maybe hopeful. And if I can hope, so can the characters. 

The latest trailer for The Walking Dead‘s return teases optimism—a grim ‘n’ gritty sort of Walking Dead optimism, with headshots and severed limbs, but with hopeful eyes nonetheless. And some stylish lighting, too. The Walking Dead is back February 8th. 


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