It’s Downhill for Hidden in the Woods Director



Patricio Valladares, the Chilean filmmaker who broke through with brutal survival horror Hidden in the Woods will take on another rural terror with Downhill. And he’s got a wild comparison in tow. 

To be produced by Paris-based WTFilms, Downhill follows a “paralegal trapped on a mountain with a killer on a mission to murder a sick man.” ScreenDaily reports Valladares has described the film as “Cliffhanger meets Paranormal Activity by way of David Cronenberg’s old movies.”

WTFilms co-founder Gregory Chambert told the site, “Downhill’s got the full package: a high concept, an exotic locale and a cool milieu. Too many low-budget movies today use the excuse of their limitations to be lazy and bring nothing exciting to the screen. Patricio uses his budget limit as an exciting way to be creative and isn’t afraid to shoot for the moon. This movie will take place in breathtaking locations in Chile, with hectic pacing and super-cool money shots both of sports action and scary moments.”

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