EXCL Clip: Telekinetic Card Tricks in The Atticus Institute


atticus institute

What’s the appeal of another demonic possession movie? The same question can be asked of any sort of old fashioned horror story; haunted house, zombie, etc. Well, it’s the hope there’s something just a little bit different going on. In The Atticus Institute, there could be. 

Though of the mock doc variety (structured as an actual doc, and not simply POV), The Atticus Institute is also a period film seemingly informed by the 70s-era interest in extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. Here, the medical researchers and scientists see possession rise out of experimenting with the aforementioned psychic prowess and the government then attempts to weaponize it. Such a synopsis gives me a hope that these few tweaks can herald something fresh and fun.

Below, find Shock Till You Drop’s exclusive clip from the film, entrenched in early psychic tests and awash in an artificial period hue. The Atticus Institute is out on DVD, Blu and VOD this January 20th from Anchor Bay. Rya Kihlstedt and William Mapother star. 

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