Last Minute Holiday Horror Gift Guide!



Christmas is swiftly approaching, and Hanukkah has already begun! Searching for the perfect gift for the horror fan in your life, but running out of time? Here’s a helpful list to aid you in narrowing down the perfect present for your loved one. 

• Silent Night Deadly Night 30th Anniversary Box Set

main-boxset-sndn_02Don’t want to be punished? Make Billy proud by buying a Silent Night, Deadly Night box set from Fright-Rags! For only $125.00, you get a Silent Night, Deadly Night t-shirt (pictured, top), ugly Christmas sweater, a stocking with the word “naughty” inscribed at the top, dripping in blood, and a Denise (Linnea Quigley) ornament, all in one big, Christmas-wrapped box, addressed to Billy himself.

One box and you’re completed covered for Christmas. Can’t afford the whole box set? No problem, just go for my personal favorite, the ugly sweater that bears the word “PUNISH” across the top, and pays homage to the classic 1984 poster, with Santa slipping down the chimney, axe in hand.

• The Guest

GuestBluCould there be a better-timed gift? The Guest, the latest feature from writer/director duo Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, was just released on iTunes, and hits DVD/Blu-ray on December 29th, just in time-ish for the holidays. In a mishmash of John Carpenter’s Halloween and James Cameron’s Terminator, The Guest tells the story of a solider named David who checks in on mourning family of a fallen friend. David fits in swell, but as time goes on, the Petersons soon discover he hasn’t revealed his true self. Filled with style, dark humor and exciting shoot outs, The Guest is a movie that any film fan can enjoy, even if they’re not they’re not a devoted horror buff.

• Alien: Isolation

ai_gen-pack-frontIf video games are your partner’s desire then look no further than Creative Assembly’s acclaimed Alien: Isolation. In what critics are hailing as the best game of the year, Amanda Ripley searches for her mother years after the events of Alien. It is the year 2137 when Amanda boards the Sevastopol space station, and finds that the only life left within sight is that of extra-terrestrials, who have wiped out what’s left of the crew. Now, it’s up to her to battle her way through the army of aliens, and recover her lost mother, no matter what the costs. Get it now on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. 

• The Babadook Pop-Up Book

book-cover“If it’s in a word, or it’s in a look, you can’t get rid of the Babadook”. Ever dreamed about having your very own Babadook infest your home and fill your halls with its creepy presence? Of course you have! Well, now you can make your dreams come true, by purchasing the very same book that haunts Amelia and her son Samuel. The best horror gifts are the ones that can fit into the world from which they came from, and this innovative, terrifying children’s book is no exception. Sic Mister Babadook on your friends by buying them a copy, but you may want to keep it away from your younger companions, unless you want a dark figure in a top hat asking you to bring him the child in exchange for your solace. The Babadook books are still in pre-order, and you can do so now for $80.00, and help reward director Jennifer Kent for creating one of the year’s best films. Get one now at The Babadook!

• Living Dead Dolls Annabelle Variant Doll


Know someone who loves Living Dead Dolls? Or maybe a huge Conjuring/Annabelle fan? The perfect gift is here. The Conjuring has several spooky moments throughout, but arguably its most disturbing aspect is Annabelle. Her porcelain perfect face atrophying with age, her bright-red lips pulsating over a petrifying grin, and her deep-set, follow-you-around-the-room eyes: what’s not to love?

Now, it’s possible to have your very own, or to pass it off to someone else, because we all know the consequences of keeping such a lively doll in your home. Still enticed? Check out Mezco Toyz, and pre-order!

• Rock Rebel Dracula Purse

10247483_hiSay what you will about Hot Topic, but when it comes to fixing your horror kick, they’ve got some pretty sweet deals on gifts that genre fans love. For example, right now you can carry around Bela Lugosi on your wrist. Impress your wife or girlfriend with a purse she’ll love, and she may just want to make you her eternal companion.

• Krampus Merchandise

BK236If Krampus is more your style than Saint Nicholas, then Halloween Town Store is where you need to head. They’ve got all the Krampus merch a fiend could want, from sticker books, to Christmas (Krampus) cards, to stockings, and even shirts. Don’t let the cheeriness of the season spoil your worship of the dark arts. Give in to your need to punish naughty children the old school way, and surprise your little nieces and nephews with Krampus ornaments! Or, you know, you can give them to someone less impressionable. Visit Halloween Town for more details.

• Zombie Bowl

1d88_zombie_bowl_filledLet’s face it — in the morning, we’re a little sluggish at best, and a zombie when we’re forced to face the world without caffeine. What better way to make light of the early woes than by eating the brains — I mean, cheerios — right out of a zombie’s head!? For the zombie lover in your life, there really is no better way to go. Plus, this is a gift that will last for many Christmases to come, and every day in-between! Get it at Think Geek

• Women’s Holliston Nation Shirt

ba1b3a06e36b4a8792aac14cbb02dac7_400x400Director Adam Green is having a huge “Surprise Hanukkah Sale”, and this shirt is just one example of the many marked-down, re-stocked goodies that await you on the Ariescope website. Buy a Holliston shirt to commemorate FEARnet’s original horror comedy T.V. series, and while you’re there, why not pick up a Hatchet top, or a poster for the upcoming Digging up the Marrow?

• Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut

nightbreed-the-directors-cutHere’s one that’s on my Christmas list. Clive Barker’s cut is finally coming home, equipped with forty minutes of new, spruced-up footage, offering a clearer version than that of the Cabal Cut that made the rounds at festivals. Buy the Blu they’ve been waiting for, and then make a new tradition out of curling up and catching a horror flick on Christmas eve, right from the comfort of your very own couch. Find it at a store nearby, or on the Shout Factory website.

• Gary Pullin’s The Babadook Poster

Pullin_TheBabadook_final_press_1024x1024-1Artist “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin never disappoints, and his new piece for The Babadook is no exception. Filled with the same darkness and quietly creeping character in the shadows, this print beautifully echoes the discomfort that the film emits. Simple, yet striking, Pullin’s piece hints at the metaphor holding the movie together, while still being subtle enough to just be admired by an onlooker who hasn’t even seen the picture yet. For a mere $75.00, you’d be foolish to pass this print up. Check out Ghoulish Gary for this and other fine work by Pullin!

I hope that these suggestions have somehow aided you in your search for the perfect Christmas present, and maybe even brought a little bit of joy to someone you care about, if he or she receives any of these presents. Remember, finding a fitting gift is important, but mostly, the holidays are about spending time together, no matter how big or small the object in the box under the tree, or by the menorah, or wherever you’ve deemed the presents place in your home. Have fun, and happy holidays!