Los Angeles! Cemetery Man is Returning to the Screen!


cemetery-manOne of the many things I got into during my time here at Shock was helping program a some films, first at the New Beverly then at The Cinefamily. Even though I’m moving on into a new chapter of my career, I still want to help the fellas at Friday Night Frights from time to time. We’ve teamed up on titles like The People Under the StairsCritters 2Night of the Demons and more…and we’ve found our next venture:

Michele Soavi’s Dellamorte Dellamore aka Cemetery Man.

Save the date: February 6, 2015. You will not want to miss seeing this beautiful and grotesque story filled with zombies, death, lush production design, a whole lot of Rupert Everett and a whole lot of Anna Falchi on 35mm! 

I had the rare chance to see it when it first opened in Manhattan and instantly fell in love with the film.

Keep an eye on the Friday Night Frights Facebook page for details as they come in. And, if you’re living in the Los Angeles, come on down to Cinefamily this Friday night (the 28th) for Shock Waves!