Clown Poster Banned in Italy, Here’s the New One With Some Photos

Clown photoThe Eli Roth-produced Clown is getting some overseas play soon. The film opens in Italy soon and I imagine its release will spiral out from there. Its debut is off to a controversial start, however.

The one-sheet we introduced to you right here has been banned! Replacement key art has been locked in and you’ll find it below courtesy of You’ll also find the U.S. and Italian trailers here in case you missed them. Head to that site for a handful of new stills as well.

Clown began as a fake trailer directed by Jon Watts.  Later, it evolved into a feature directed by Watts with Robot and Frank scribe Christopher D. Ford providing the script. In Clown, a man dresses up as a clown for a birthday celebration and slowly transforms into something hideous.

Clown censored

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