Lady Murasaki Found for Hannibal Season 3


the-wolverine-tao-okamoto-as-mariko-yashidaWork on Hannibal season three is well underway up in Canada and, today, we’re learning about the first major casting news. Deadline reports Tao Okamoto will play Lady Murasaki. Introduced in Thomas Harris’ novel “Hannibal Rising,” Murasaki was Hannibal Lecter’s aunt.

In the NBC series, there will be some slight alterations made to the character. When I spoke to showrunner Bryan Fuller in August, he explained: “We’re taking the spirit of the character because of the events that happen in their lives. Her relationship to Hannibal will be more damaged and different. That will definitely be interesting to the fans of [Thomas Harris’] literature.”

The actress playing Murasaki, Tao Okamoto, was last seen in The Wolverine.

Season three of Hannibal finds Lecter going on the run after the bloodbath that occurred in the season finale of season two. A manhunt will begin in Europe as Will Graham and the FBI track the killer.

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